Day: May 2, 2022

Shrek’s about me

Hullo My name is Shrek, I live in a huge tree stump in a swamp in the Kingdom far far away. But I will be moving to a Castle. I am an Ogre with green skin and wonderful ears that stick out. I am as strong as an ox and as tall as a Oak tree. I like to live alone in my swamp except for the bugs that I eat for Nutrition. I have a colossal Roar that can be heard from miles but people are scared of it. I love to eat nutritious bugs but my favourite food is Snails, Fish eyeballs on toast, I like to walk, I also love my Wife Fiona and my little wee Ogres. I also appreciate my friend Donkey, his wife and Puss in Boots.

Today we made an about me for Shrek. We made him look like a good guy by writing. We learnt alot about Shrek.

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

On the first day of Term 2 at Assembly we found out that our Deputy Principal Mrs Nua had returned. But there was a problem, Mr Jacobsen, Mr Burt and Mrs Sorenson weren’t there on the stage. Mrs Nua Called Mr Burt first but was greeted by Mrs McMillian telling us that Mr Burt was busy and wasn’t Available. The next person that Mrs Nua called was Mr Jacobson who had got lost at the bike tracks so we lead him to Tamaki College on Accident then  we lead him back to Pt England. Miss Sorenson got lost on  the field and Mr Burt got lost in the staff room.

Team one said they were going to learn about bee’s and the way they travelled from there hive to a field of gardens then back to the hive. Team 2 said they were going to learn about pirates and how they go to one place and return back to there home. Team 3 said they were working on Scratch a coding program that helps you create mini game’s and learn how to code. Team 4 said they were learning on how to travel through out the whole school and other places. Team 5 said that we were going to code robots and take great care of them.