The Princess and the Ogre



These are 2 characters that you need to write a story about, make sure there is a climax(problem) and an anti-climax(solution).  Use these descriptions to come up with your character descriptions and make sure you describe your setting with detail.


The best narratives build up to the climax, make sure you lead your reader right into it!


Princess Ogre
Beautiful, Adventurous, Smart, Happy, Loved, Lots of family. Smelly, Eats Toads, Unloved, Kind, Helpful, Lives Alone in a dungeon.


Planning Here:

Once upon a time in a land of light and happiness, there lived an ogre. A smelly hideous ogre who lived alone in a Dungeon inhaling a horrible Odour. Then there was a Princess, Her name was Fiona. She lived in a castle filled to the brim with some family members from Berlin. Then one day this ogre said “I will be off to find someone to Bewed” so he went off to find true love while the Princess was high up in the tower above. As she muttered to herself “Should I run off again” her father the king had just walked in. “Hello my daughter, are you alright” he said with a chuckle, “It’s your birthday dear, here have some Truckle”. As the King handed out a round cheese, his daughter the Princess let out a small sneeze. She then looked at him and then with a grin asked the delighted king “Please get my brother Tim” the king did exactly as told, he walked out the door and went for a stroll. Now back to the Ogre who had so much cheer, but when people saw him they ran in fear. 


This ogre began to feel really sad, but then he had become a tad bit mad. But then this ogre smelt a lovely scent, he turned around and off he went. He looked left then to the right and there it was a frog in his sight. He caught the frog and ate it so fast then suddenly behind him there was a blast. A wizard had come with such Powerful magic and what happened next was very tragic. While this was happening Fiona had just decided that she wanted someone to collide with. The princess left the tall tower, climbing also took her an hour. Back to the wizard being quite evil, in front of the castle with a banana peel. He throws the peel at the castle and turns it big, disturbing King Russell. The king shouted and pleaded for the wizard to stop, but the wizard began to hop. The ogre appeared in such a hustle, he broke down the door to the poor king’s castle. Fiona had heard all the commotion, she marched to the front, it was like she drank a speed potion.

But then she regretted coming to the front for the wizard had come to sweep her up. The Ogre saw this and stopped and with a dash punched the wizard back to the tower he once came. After doing this righteous deed he began to transform into a steed. But then into a mighty man with royal clothes, he also had all his fingers and toes. The princess saw this heroic prince and ran straight towards him with great happiness. “I found you, I found you” said the Princess and the story ends with one long Kiss. The End

This was our literacy task, A narrative story about a Ogre and a Princess. We also had to add in a Climax and a Anti-Climax.


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