Month: March 2023

T1 DLO 2023

For the past 8 years we have been doing these DLO’s at the beginning of the first term, this also dates further back. We always had to do these and I never really managed to get it done or I did but I never posted it. This will always be the DLO to remember.

If all adds up this is my best one of all, it contains my religion on the top right corner, my iwi or tribe which is Ngapuhi, the bottom left corner shows my culture and country which I am very proud of and to be, in the top left corner is my school which am also very proud well i’m proud of all of them. Now at the centre of it all is me, a portrait that was easy to do except for the Logo on my shirt but after I made the logo in the corner I then copied it onto my shirt. This task was a fun task to do this whole term even though I did this all in one day, the other day.