Fast rust talk

Fast Rust Task



Work on this Doc together with a partner.


What 3 ingredients are needed for rust to occur.

Salt or rain  Water Iron Oxygen from the air


Write a brief paragraph explaining the rusting process (why rusting occurs)

Rusting occurs because salt-water combines with oxygen from air on metal and it makes hydrated iron hydrated aka rust. Oxygen from the air mixes with water and when it’s on metal it creates iron Oxide. It then proceeds to make hydrated iron oxide.


How could you prevent something from rusting?

Usually you paint the metal with paint because it puts a barrier between the Iron and oxygen/water. Bridges get painted every four years but parts of the bridge closest to salt water gets coated more sooner because it could get rusted faster.


Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading.

I’ve learnt that rust takes 4 steps and 3 ingredients, Oxygen for air, Salt-water and Iron. I also learned that rust can rust at different times, like it could take four years or 1 day. I also learnt the scientific term for rust which is Hydrated iron oxide.


Write down any new words you found in Fast Rust or the article about rust. Make sure you learn what the word means and write down a definition you understand for each new word.

Word Definition
Corrosion A breakdown of materials due to a chemical action like rusting.
Compound A combination of two or more elements 
Alloy A metal fused with an element to make the metal stronger or more resistant to corrosion. 
Element  A simple chemical that can’t become more simple. 
Iron Oxide  Iron Oxide is another name for rust.
Nitrogen Is an element that is non metallic and can be used to make, dye, explosions etc.
Oxygen  Is another element that is produce by a tree and can help people breathe
Carbon Is used to mix with another element to create alloy.
Steel Steel is a metal made with Iron and Carbon and little elements.
Rust  Is a metal that has been eaten away by Iron Oxide.

This week we learn’t more about rust and what it takes to make it happen. Rust is a compound of three elements, Iron, Oxygen from the air and  Salt water. Paint is something that can keep Iron from rusting.

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