Rust Informational report

Title: What is Rust?



Rust is a form of metal that has been converted to a weaker version of the original metal. Rust is one of the most common types of metals seen around the world.

Rust is a combination of Oxygen from the air, Metal and salt-water. The air mixes with the water and starts interacting with the Iron forming what is called “Iron Oxide”. It then proceeds to become hydrated iron oxide which starts eating chunks of the metal turning it into rust on its journey.

Rust has been used for art as well like this for example. This is a Real life silhouette made by Cathryn Monro, these were originally steel then purposely rusted to give it that nice Orangey-Brown colour. This is called Per Capita and is placed in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington.


The Brooklyn Bridge and Auckland Harbour bridge are both coated in paint to protect them both from rusting. The Harbour bridge gets painted every four years unless it’s the lower part of the bridge, which gets a paint job more often because it’s closer to saltwater and Oxygen then the top part. 


This is the conclusion of my informational report about rust. I find rust very interesting all because of this school journal. Rust can be a nuisance as well as being a wonderful thing. You can also read this Article that has some more information about rust and more definitions about it. 

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