Pseudoscience Task

Pseudoscience Task

Walt: Find and link information across a range of texts



Work on this Doc together with a partner.


What was the author’s main message in pseudoscience

Make sure you have real evidence to back up something and make sure you clarify it with someone else so they can test your “theory”. Also don’t believe everything you see in advertisements. 


What are some of the differences between scientists and advertisers?

Scientists Advertisers
Study the topic and clarify it with another scientist.  Take the facts put on the ad but aren’t specific with details like saying “chocolate can help people with memories!”
They always make sure that when they study that thing they do it step by step so the critique can take that information and use it to make sure it checks out. Advertisers can talk about chocolate and how it helps you while also people who eat too much could get very sick because of unhealthy eating.


Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading. 

I have learnt something new about cocoa beans and how they have a chemical called Flavanols which can help older people remember but can be eliminated while being formed into chocolate. I also learned something new about WW2 and how England had to lie so Germans didn’t actually know how they could see in the dark. I also learned the difference between scientists  and advertisers with how scientists clarify facts while advertisers take a fact and don’t elaborate on it.

True or False

Statement True/False Slide/Page Number Evidence
A pseudonym is a false name True Page 3 “For example, a “pseudonym” is a false name that people use instead of their real name.”
Blackcurrants have vitamin D True  Page 3 “It’s true that raw blackcurrants are high in vitamin C.”
Flavanols help people remember things True/false Page 4 “Flavanols do seem to help older people who have difficulty remembering things. But the process of turning cocoa beans into chocolate destroys the flavanols, so there is no evidence that chocolate helps with memory at all.”
Scientists critique each other True Page 3 “Scientists write so their work and ideas can be critiqued by other scientists. They need to explain their method with enough detail that another scientist can repeat it or look for errors.”
Carrots have vitamin A True Page 6 “Carrots have vitamin

A in them, and vitamin A is

important for healthy eyes.”

Carrots help us see in the dark False  Page 6 “But eating extra carrots won’t

improve your night vision.

The British government used

pseudoscience to trick their


I learnt something new about Cocoa beans and also learned two new words, Pseudoscience and Pseudonym. I learnt everything from this text based on Pseudoscience.

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