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Cybersmart task


Working Collaboratively in A Doc

In this task you will be learning to work inside a Google Doc collaboratively with another person. It is important to be respectful when working simultaneously inside a single Google Doc.

You’ll need to buddy up with a partner and make sure one of you has made a copy, and shared it with the other buddy. 


Names Partner 1: Partner 2


  1. Tic Tac Toe

  • Decide who will start first (switch for the next game)
  • Take turns by writing an ‘x’ or an ‘o’. 
  • You will need to click out of the table to allow the next person to have a turn.
  • The winner can highlight their win with green
  • If a draw, then leave white
  • At the end comment “Good game”


x O x x O x x x O x O x O O
x O O O O O O O x O x x x x
O x x x x O O x x O O x O


  1. Story Time

  • Decide who will start first
  • Take turn writing one word each of a story
  • For example the first person might write “Once” then the next person would write “upon” etc taking turns all the way to the end of the story.
  • Be mindful of your cursor and make sure you don’t write out of order
  • Comment which is your favourite part of the story.


Once upon a dark depressing time, there was a big ugly monster called Just Jeff. He went off to “Amarica” to make a friend, his purpose was to scare people off. But the monster wanted to give kindness and money so he could live peacefully.

Today we had to do a cybersmart challenge with a buddy. First we had to do tic tac toe, also my partner was Jacob.B. He won two games and I won one. The last task was to make a type one word story.