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Term 4 Extension Escape Room project

This term our time was cut short because of many events but we have managed to get started on our new project. This project is a escape made in either real life or scratch which is a coding company. Elijah, Jacob and I decide we would do our escape room in real life but strategize online which has gone quite well. Today we made a cardboard cat for one of our projects inside the project. We have had great fun doing this and hopefully we complete it.

Extension project

Last term in term 3 we had to make an artwork based on a country. I picked Spain and made these objects. Before this we had to make a research task on such things and after we did everything else we had to make a script and a movie. This is the finished product. I hope you enjoy.


On the 27 of July a group of kids (31) were invited to a place called KPMG. KPMG is a financial company who help other companies. We took a 30 minute drive from Pt England School to KPMG. We were then greeted to some of the staff and then we had a quality tour around the office. After the tour we had Morning tea which they prepared for us. It was Scones with jam and cream and sausage rolls with Orange juice & Water. After that they taught us the art of photo-shop so they took pictures of us in front of a green screen and we were wearing all types of props. We then were Photoshoped into backgrounds of our choosing.  After or before taking our photo we could photo shop stuff from Dinosaurs to Astronauts in to back rounds. Then for lunch we had mini burgers, deep fried mash potatoes, salad, fried chicken. AFter we had lunch we played with playdoh and made all kinds of creations.

Extension-History of Ukutoia

Today in Extension, we studied more about our land of Ukutoia also Ukutoia means the sound of the waka being pulled ashore. Now we have been split into groups of 4 and 3, My group members are Elijah, Kiarah, Angelica and I. We are going to be studying the old way Tangata whenua (People of the land) travelled and the resources they had to use to survive.

Maungarei before the Europeans came

This is an Extension Project about what Mount Wellington looked like before Europeans came over. They had Plenty of Kumara farms and they lived right next to the Tamaki River. They had a Wharenui on top of Maungarei then there is a track going from the top of the mountain down. Also the Maori have just gone hunting via river for fish in there Waka because back then they didn’t have cars and walking through the forest to hunt animals.