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Explanation writing – 20 Minute cities


Remember the T.I.I.C structure.

T TitleWhat you will be explaining
I IntroductionTell your audience what the topic is about and what is to be explained.
I Information – Explain the elements or steps in a logical sequence
C Conclusion – Final summarizing statement, an evaluation or comment about what you have explained.


Title What are the benefits of “20 Minutes” cities?
Introduction What are 20-minute cities and all their benefits? Here’s a quick explanation on what a 20-minute city is. A 20-minute city is a community where you can commute or travel from your house to another building in… well… 20 minutes! So now let’s talk about some benefits. 

1st element

The first benefit is time and travelling. Necessities like the supermarket (Pak’nsave), movies, hospital, chemist, and plenty more would only be within a 20-minute radius. Traffic wouldn’t have to be a problem when getting to school or work because all you’ll have to do is walk there. This can help you get to places on time and it also helps with your mental and physical health. It helps with mental health by not having to stress about traffic and lateness. Also, your physical health would be affected because of all the walking you’re doing, according to “Village Chiropractic”, by walking 20 minutes a day you lose at least 100 calories. Now if you multiply 100 by 365, you lose about 36500 calories a year, and don’t forget the fact that you could add to that by adding your daily walking to other places. Now, it’s time to move to the second benefit.   

2nd element

This second benefit is Health and safety. Safety would be at your doorstep in moments. If your house was just about to get broken into, the police would be there in at least 5 minutes depending on how fast they were going. Health would be just as good because the ambulance would also only be there in under 5 minutes, imagine your wife was going into labour or your friend was bleeding out on the carpet, the ambulance would only be one call away. Now to the last benefit. 

3rd element

My last benefit is communities and mentality. 20 minutes cities would help people communicate with others easily. Also with the fact of traffic being at an all time low, mental health would be out the roof. Communities would thrive because of their connections with everyone and not only that, you would feel safe around others because they would feel safe around you.
Conclusion So there you have it, three benefits of a 20 minute city. Not only would these be helpful in your life, you would only need to work such a distance to get to places. Life would be simple, work would be less stressful because you wouldn’t have to worry about getting there on time and you would have a great community to work with. You would be safe around others and with others. If you were in trouble the police wouldn’t be that far.

For the past two weeks, for our writing we have been getting ready for our writing test. Our test is going to be based on explanation writing, so we were tasked with making an explanation writing task about three benefits of a 2o minute city. A quick sum is that a 20 minute city is a city that has your daily needs within a 20 minute walk, thinks like hospitals, shops and all those would be in a short distance.

The rest of my Suspense writing

Paste your Suspenseful Beginning into this doc then continue writing the rest of the narrative. Your Suspenseful Beginning should set the tone for the rest of your writing.


Your story should include the following.


  • Character dialogue
  • Correct punctuation
  • Paragraphs
  • Descriptive language that includes the senses (see, hear, smell, taste, feel)


It’s a deathly silent night, only having the sound of thunder as it booms across the sky and the eerie whistle in the wind, it sounds… familiar. The moon shines brightly through the clouds with an ominous feel. The drops of rain falling from the sky have a hint of blood. It also has a death-like smell emanating from the corpses laid on the cathedral grounds. Dusk Haroldson or Saint Dusk is a man in his 40’s, he has straight Black hair with grey and white strands of hair, a dark blue suit with a white shirt underneath. He’s a bishop of the Saint John’s cathedral or what’s left of it. He begins to raise an eyebrow as he harkens over if he made the right choice. He then says with a cold voice “Why did I do this to myself, why?!” Then he turns around and goes into prayer and suddenly a mighty lightning bolt strikes the cathedral and all the candles go out. The cathedral doors open to a bone chilling wind from the outside. A dark silhouette with red glowing eyes and a decrepit smile holding a corpse darkens the doorsteps of the cathedral. 


The silhouette is illuminated by the moon in the sky, shining ever so radiantly. Throwing the body on the floor, it slams on the floor and makes an unflattering splat sound then the figure shuts the doors and moves towards Dusk. Dusk ignores it even though he’s a little shocked, he counties praying as the figure walks towards him. Dusk mutters his prayer and I quote “The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed, and will bring me safely to His heavenly kingdom; to His heavenly kingdom; to Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen. The figure comes to a halt, right behind Dusk. As the moon shines through the blood stained glass of the hall, the figure’s hair is revealed to be White and grey hair while his unnatural red eyes glitter and pearly white teeth glow through the darkness. “Hello brother” says the figure in a joyful tone as he steps forward to reveal himself. It seems to be Isaac’s accursed brother, his name being “Isaac the mad ” or “Isaac the vile ” given after he massacred a whole town while smiling with a devilish grin and laughing uncontrollably. After the massacre he had been disowned from the family but left behind a heavy stain on the family name. He also desecrated every town he went to, committing a felony at every step. He did arson, murder and worst of all genocide, he left no survivors, attacking at least 1 to 34 towns. Thus earning his final name “Isaac, the man butcher ”. 


Dusk hears the words “Hello brother” creep out of his brother’s mouth as it echoes off the hall walls. He swiftly turns around but is met with darkness. The whole cathedral goes dark with no natural light shining through glass for the moon is shrouded in darkness. “No sign of Isaac” says Dusk, looking around anxiously. Dusk tightly holds a cross as he starts muttering verses from the bible like “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me”. A sudden feeling is felt in his pocket but he brushes it off. Dusk starts to breathe heavily as he hears footsteps around the hall then whistling is heard. It seems to be “London bridge is falling down” but slowed down and demented. That’s what it was at the beginning, Isaac walking towards the doors, whistling that tune. Isaac makes it sound sinister and filled with evil intent. He then starts singing in delight “St Johns cathedrals burning down, burning down, burning down, St Johns cathedrals burning down my fair lady~. Burn it down with sticks and fire, sticks and fire, sticks and fire, burn it down with sticks and fire my fair lady~”. He walks back and forth and then a sudden click noise is heard. 


He continues to sing the threatening melody, Dusk sees his chance and dashes to the doors but to no avail, the doors are locked. He reaches for his keys but realises that there missing. “Looking for these?” says Isaac as he stops singing and jingles the keys. Dusk turns, only to see the red eyes of his brother. “Where I can’t see them” as Dusk feels around for a wall or something. He realises then that he’s fallen into a trap. “Let me help with that” as Isaac walks towards Dusk and “Shunk!!” Isaac stabs one of Dusk’s eyes out with the keys. A sudden urge to scream reaches Dusk’s mind but he’s silenced with a hand placed on his mouth. “Do You hear that, the sweet sound of silence,” says Isaac as he starts laughing maniacally with joy. 


Dusk, trying not to scream, punches Isaac in the face and he hits the ground running.  Dusk tears the key out of his eye socket and screeches with unimaginable pain. He unlocks the door, pushes the doors open and runs as fast as he can but trips over one of the guards bodies. He can smell the ghastly scent emanating from the corpses. With one eye open he looks back to see Isaac walking to his body, “How?!” thinks Dusk. He was surprised with how fast Isaac got up. So many thoughts went through his head but then he heard one of the worst things he could ever hear, a sound that would rock the sturdiest man to their core, A high pitched scream in his ears that nearly made him deaf projected from his brother’s mouth. He sat up in fright and saw his brother with a match. “Say goodbye to the cathedral brother, the one thing you were meant to protect.” Isaac cackles as he says that and throws the match at the cathedral but just then the fire is put out by the rain. Isaac tries again and again but fails. 


Isaac’s smile grows and then he walks backwards and starts grabbing bodies and drags them inside. Dusk sees this but faints before he could say or do anything. He falls into a deep and calming sleep for about 30 minutes but then he is awakened by a sudden boom from the sky. He realises that it’s dark again and that he may still be dreaming but then he hears his brother again, humming the same tune. A burning aroma fills the atmosphere of the darkened place, it was at this moment Dusk noticed that he didn’t feel rain on his face. He looks up only to see a bright orange colour climb the roof of what appears to be the cathedral. He moves but struggles to get up as he’s bound wrist to wrist and foot to foot. He hears footsteps move towards him and he closes his eyes, calms his thoughts and stills his face. “Rise and die brother, rise and die” as Isaac forces Dusk’s eyelids open. Dusk starts to smell the same deathly smell but worse, he also begins to smell fire, taste ash and hear the crackling of it. 


Isaac pulls out a mask which looked very strange, it felt weird and then in a shocked tone he says “Is that SKIN!”. Isaac starts rumbling about how he took skin from every victim and stitched it into a “beautiful mask” destined for the “Chosen one” and as he stops rambling he forces it onto Dusk’s face. Dusk yells for help but only gets a strong whiff of smoke. “Best be going now, got places to be, people to “surprise” says Isaac as he starts walking away but not before the doors close in on him. The archway collapses and a smile turns into something not seen on the face of Isaac the mad, something that would never be seen again. Fear, fear was seen that night and then all Isaac could hear was the laughing of his brother as he stands up managing to free himself from the rope. Time stands still as the brothers look in each-others eyes one final time, Isaac scared as Dusk smiles throughout the mask. “And so ends the foul stench of Isaac the man butcher” as Dusks raises his hands and pushes Isaac over and then blackout. 


Breaking news 

“The St Johns Cathedral has been reported to be burned down but still has much remaining, Victims seem to be 51 people including the Infamous Isaac the man butcher with one survivor god bless his soul, 44 year old Dusk Haroldson, brother to the Killer and Bishop of the Cathedral. He’s reported to have severe burns and got his eye stabbed out possibly by his brother. But thankfully he has survived the night and has now gone into recovery. We will get updates soon but this is the headline of NZ herald”. Ever since that fateful day, Dusk keeps his will and sanity in place not believing that his brother actually died. Checking every corner and waiting for the cathedral to be rebuilt.

_________________________________________________________________________________After a lot of nights up and a lot of hard work, I finally managed to finish my suspense writing, I call it “The night the bodies fell”. I made it as much as a thriller as I could and put as many twists in there as well. I also got some AI pictures of The two characters and the Cathedral. I hope you enjoy reading my story.

Suspenseful writing beginning

This term we’ve (Room 3 Literacy) been learning about how to make a suspenseful bit of writing. This week we learnt how to and I quote “Create a Suspenseful beginning through imagery and dialogue”. We had an example read to us and when you do read the example or my one make sure after you’ve read the story to close your eyes and imagine that your the character in the story.

Rust Informational report

Title: What is Rust?



Rust is a form of metal that has been converted to a weaker version of the original metal. Rust is one of the most common types of metals seen around the world.

Rust is a combination of Oxygen from the air, Metal and salt-water. The air mixes with the water and starts interacting with the Iron forming what is called “Iron Oxide”. It then proceeds to become hydrated iron oxide which starts eating chunks of the metal turning it into rust on its journey.

Rust has been used for art as well like this for example. This is a Real life silhouette made by Cathryn Monro, these were originally steel then purposely rusted to give it that nice Orangey-Brown colour. This is called Per Capita and is placed in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington.


The Brooklyn Bridge and Auckland Harbour bridge are both coated in paint to protect them both from rusting. The Harbour bridge gets painted every four years unless it’s the lower part of the bridge, which gets a paint job more often because it’s closer to saltwater and Oxygen then the top part. 


This is the conclusion of my informational report about rust. I find rust very interesting all because of this school journal. Rust can be a nuisance as well as being a wonderful thing. You can also read this Article that has some more information about rust and more definitions about it. 

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