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Shrek’s about me

Hullo My name is Shrek, I live in a huge tree stump in a swamp in the Kingdom far far away. But I will be moving to a Castle. I am an Ogre with green skin and wonderful ears that stick out. I am as strong as an ox and as tall as a Oak tree. I like to live alone in my swamp except for the bugs that I eat for Nutrition. I have a colossal Roar that can be heard from miles but people are scared of it. I love to eat nutritious bugs but my favourite food is Snails, Fish eyeballs on toast, I like to walk, I also love my Wife Fiona and my little wee Ogres. I also appreciate my friend Donkey, his wife and Puss in Boots.

Today we made an about me for Shrek. We made him look like a good guy by writing. We learnt alot about Shrek.