Year: 2022

Fun Maths Task

Today’s maths was fun my because we got to do little challenges like mike paper bridges to making towers out of straws and tape. After we did that we had to make a grabber made of rubber band and 4 ropes. We had to each hold a rope and pick up a cup and make a tower without touching it.


On the 27 of July a group of kids (31) were invited to a place called KPMG. KPMG is a financial company who help other companies. We took a 30 minute drive from Pt England School to KPMG. We were then greeted to some of the staff and then we had a quality tour around the office. After the tour we had Morning tea which they prepared for us. It was Scones with jam and cream and sausage rolls with Orange juice & Water. After that they taught us the art of photo-shop so they took pictures of us in front of a green screen and we were wearing all types of props. We then were Photoshoped into backgrounds of our choosing.  After or before taking our photo we could photo shop stuff from Dinosaurs to Astronauts in to back rounds. Then for lunch we had mini burgers, deep fried mash potatoes, salad, fried chicken. AFter we had lunch we played with playdoh and made all kinds of creations.

Blindfold challenge

Today we tried a Queenstown delicacy from the local Remarkables sweet shop. 

We were then blindfolded with masks and then we tried this delicacy. 

The smell was nothing, it didn’t smell sweet or savoury, it just smelt like nothing. 

It felt round and coated with maybe sugar. 

We then had to eat it and it was very sour but unlike the picture I had a blue one. 

The blue ones sourness went away very quickly and it was sweet but when it got to the centre the sour came back.

Afterwards I tried the yellow one and it was more sour than the rest because it was lemon flavoured. Fun fact that these lollies are the most sour in New Zealand.