Willow park trip

Yesterday we went to a place called Willow Park which is a Christian camp for kids. We spent a whole day doing fun activities at the camp and we also went to the beach. Willow park also lended us a inflatable paddle boat to use at the beach. We all enjoyed the activity.
We also got free morning tea and lunch. For morning tea we had mini Quiches and for lunch we had Coleslaw, potato salad, Lamington, fruits and Hot-dogs.
My favourite highlight was the beach and the food because of the swimming and the food was also awesome because well it was delicious. Next time I go back I will go swimming again. 
I am grateful that Mr Burt and Willow park allowed us to stay there for the day. They are amazing people and I can’t wait to see them again. The next fun day we should have is to go to Willow park again. Thank you Willow Park.

Yesterday team 5 went to Willow park and today we were tasked to write what was great about the park. I said my favourite part was the food and the beach. I hope you get to go there one day to experience the same thing we did.

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